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Protect yourself from Spirits

How to save yourself from spirits

For some, spirit encounters are casual. A door pulled out of our hand. An unexplained cold blast of air. Something falls off a shelf across the room. Few of these encounters are scary or evil or feel like the horror movies we have all watched.
But sometimes these spirits are malevolent. And sometimes they are even worse. So how can a person protect themselves from those spirits or steps to be taken when you are affected by spirits.
Here are few ways:

Use Healing Crystals

Some healing crystals create a strong protection layer around you and protect you from spirits. Such crystals are black tourmaline or serpentine crystal.

Clear Negativity from Room

There are several ways to clear a room but few of the best ways are allow sunlight to enter room, use googledhoop.

Use Herbs

Various herbs are recommended to help cleanse the home of malevolence. A few that are easier to obtain are anise, amaranth, basil, cacao, cayenne, chamomile, clove, cumin, dill, and fennel. Each herb has a specific use and tackles different kinds of ghosts.

Ask help from Angels

As evil spirits, angels (good Spirits) are also available and they will help you if you ask them from deepest of your heart.

Never try to talk to the spirits or make any connection with the spirits.

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