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Heart will always guide, you just need to listen and trust yourself and everything will be alright.
I truly believe these lines.
How all this started?
Since child hood I used to see spirits, ghosts and Angles. But as everybody around me used to say that these things doesn’t exit. I also believed it and took all was happening to me hallucination. I tried avoiding these things and ignoring my gift.
Then one day my life changed, I used to go office by bus and suddenly everybody around me was talking about healing course. Since, I made myself strongly believe that these things doesn’t exits, firstly I tried ignoring them but slowly there chats started changing my mind. Something within me was telling me that these things exists and I am not hallucinating since beginning.
I thought of giving it a try. I and the Guy sitting next to me were the first to attend the healing course. During the course I realized that all things are real. I can see the energy transferring and everything and now I know EVERYTHING WHICH I SAW WAS REAL.. I started observing things how sprit works, how energy from planets comes to us, inside human body and tell anyone there disease much before the medical science could reveal and also why someone is suffering I mean the energies coming from past or current life , I was also able to see planets though I was never able to make sure If i am correct but I know I have seen them.
Now after noticing all those things I have also started changing things. Heal people, there problems.
Lesson taught by the GOD.
After I started changing things, I started helping everyone. Once while healping someone in spirit removal some spirits attacked my house. This was the first time I was attacked like this and I was founding it difficult to deal with them. Then a message came to me that all this happen because I was changing everything and interfering everywhere. This made me realise that I should seek his permission before imterfaring. Then I started following instructions and every thing is great sice then..
I can heal anyone anywhere, I need your picture of the person or the place need to be healed.

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