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Healing Crystals

For thousands of years, healing crystals have been used as an alternative to medicine, all over the world. Healing crystals are natural stones which claim to carry an energy which further have the power to restore health. Egyptians believe that the stone by the name of Lapis Lazuli inspires wisdom and brings about spiritual strength. Egyptians highly believed in the power of these stones, so much as that the even buried the dead along with the stones.

It is believed that healing crystals channel the energy in the correct direction, hence enhancing healing. There are many varieties of healing crystals available, and each crystal possesses its own special vibration and energy. Healing crystals can help in healing a number of common conditions and especially some physical issues. For instance, for body aches try amethyst or yellow jasper, however for back pains, you can either wear lapis lazuli jewelry or simply place lapis lazuli stones on your back to ease the pains. As one gets older, healing crystals can help with the issues which arise with age. For instance, you can improve your eye sight by wearing emerald or agate jewelry. Amethyst can be used for arthritis, to lessen the pain symptoms. For bladder trouble, use jade or jasper.

We are sure you are now thinking, how exactly do these crystals work? Let us elaborate on this. If you go to a practitioner for a proper session, they will comfortably lay you down and then place the crystals suitable for your issue on different chakras i.e. different energy points. There is no time limit for this kind of session. If needed, the practitioner will ask you to carry the healing crystal with you everywhere or placing them in your home for it to affect fully.

Even though there are hundreds of different kinds of crystals, the aim of each crystal is the same i.e. to heal and make someone feel better. These crystals formed by the efforts of time and earth carry its own metaphysical properties. You must understand that these crystals release powerful vibrations which further impact how you feel and interact with your environment. Hence, it is very important to select the crystals based on their individual properties and which fits your intentions.

With a variety of colors, shapes and sizes of these healing crystals available today, we are sure there will be one which catches your eye and speaks to you. Hence, open your heart to the possibilities that these beautiful crystals can help you in healing yourself. While there is no way of knowing of these crystals truly do magic and completely heals oneself, there is no harm in including these crystals in a beautiful piece of jewelry and wearing it all day long.

If you ready to start your own healing crystals collection and really want to know more about these crystals and how powerful they really are, check out Karma Healing and explore the world of crystals.

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