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Spiritual Strength

Let’s start by discussing what exactly is the spiritual strength.

Just like building physical body strength while you work out, building spiritual strength is close but on the inside. What we mean by building your spiritual strength is that it activates your spirit and connection to the divine from inside. Spiritual strength gives you the power needed to live a life of fulfillment and with some purpose. It is not to say that you already aren’t living a fulfilling life, we are sure you are. But spiritual strength is bound to make life that much sweeter.

Similar to the feeling of that positive rush after a physical workout, spiritual exercises allow your energy to flow freely, and the feelings of positivity will fill your soul. Negative thoughts will be forgotten.

Here are a few simple spiritual exercises for you to try-

Spend more time with Family & Friends-

Spending more and more time with family and friends who are loving and encouraging is one of the best things in life. While many memories with your family and friends are sweet and memorable others aren’t. The first step is to let go of those negative thoughts, don’t hold on to them. Release them. You are given this beautiful life and you are truly meant to enjoy it. So, spend more time with those who bring happiness to you. It is believed that if you are focusing on being spiritually centered, then you will be protected. Give your precious time to those who deserve the love and attention.

Reduce Distractions-

By distractions, we mean internet, mobile phones, televisions, etc. What we see on television and the internet can fill our minds with things which are nowhere near important to our lives. Once you reduce the absorption of such kind of information, your brain finally has a chance to be silent. It is this silence which will give you the opportunity to strengthen your spiritual connections and is the journey of your karma healing.

Go Out-

To be able to build a spiritual connection with yourself, it is vital that you step out and increase your connection with nature. It is believed that the Earth places one in alignment with the real living energy. The Earth directly connects oneself with the divine, which allows more and more positive energy to pass through one’s body. Make it a habit to take a walk or a stroll during sunset or sunrise. When you are outside, make sure you take notice of the sounds, the sights and the smell of the nature around you.


An amazing exercise for spiritual strength is to meditate two times a day. As you meditate, sit quietly and allow the divine to come into you to strengthen your spirit. You could even substitute mediation with praying, whichever you prefer. Whether yoke meditate or pray, make sure that your requests are in the positive tense i.e. they focus on healing instead of on disease. Set aside some time for this exercise and be sure to stick to this schedule. You can practice meditation and prayer at any time and you can also connect with the divine whenever you do this exercise, simply by telling yourself verbally that you are always one. You will see a change, over time.

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