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Spirit Removal

Spirit Removal

The truth behind the veil which effects the reality of human life, these beings are spirits, demons and other dark energies Spirits are staying in our surroundings but they are invisible and are available everywhere like every corner, house, and street even though they are accessible in temple also. They can be controlled by Soul only. Different ways to save from this spirits. Many people inveigle from them because of their black magic. This is justified by astrologer only. Sometimes black magic plays a major role in it, in black magic the spirits are send intentionally to the person black magic practitioners want to influence. Spirits harms the humanity in many ways like emotions, beliefs, thoughts, habits action & energy level of different people they are attached to.

These entities need to be released otherwise physical symptoms may arise.

    Some symptoms we may get at the beginning are:
  • Tiredness even after sound sleep
  • Pain or Heaviness in body parts.
  • Anger or some sort of negativity
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Ghosts (human spirits) in your home they can manifest noticeable activity in many ways
Here are some examples:
  • Items being thrown.
  • Sounds such as murmuring voices, footsteps, running, unusual banging noises.
  • Fragrances such as flowers, aftershave, and perfume, cigar / pipe / cigarette smoke.
  • Cold spots, faint touches or caresses that produce goosebumps or a chill down your back, fleeting or sustained visual manifestations.
  • Manipulation of light switches, faucets and electronic devices; small items can be thrown or knocked off shelves.
  • Moods within the home can be manipulated to produce depression, anger and uncharacteristic behaviors.
  • Physical attacks can occur, such as being held down in bed and choked, a feeling of having the chills. Uncontrollable energy attacks can cause severe vibrations and pains throughout the body.
  • Voices can taunt and confuse you, mental and physical illnesses can be mimicked.
  • Dark humanoid forms or dark gaseous clouds can be manifested and seen in the home, and are often connected with the other types of manifestation.
  • One or more family members can have their personality totally displaced for periods of time and be compelled to conduct detrimental behaviors, without having any memory of the episode, or they may remember but feel like they had been controlled against their conscious will.

The entities attachments may also lead to health issue and business losses.

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