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Types of Spirits(Ghost)

Different Types of Spirits (Ghosts) in India

Spirits are known to use their spiritual energies to harm humanity and that is the reason why they are denoted by the name-Ghosts. The extents of possible harm they can cause to human beings depend on their spiritual strength which is also generally dependent on the type of ghost or demon they are.

Everyone has read the tales of Bhoot in their childhood and hence from ages it remains fixed in our subconscious mind as long as we live. Bhoot or Ghosts are present in all shapes and sizes and are able to do all logic-defying things.

Below are listed the different types.

  • Pishacha
  • Chudail
  • Daayan
  • Preta and Pretni
  • Brahmarakshas
  • Jinn or Genie
  • Rakshasa – Lord of all evil
  • Nishi – The time-table worker
  • Betaal
  • The Irregulars


If you find a ghost who is dark in complexion and has glowing red eyes and bulging biceps then it is Pishacha. He is like a superman. If you believe in Hindu Mythology then Pishacha are created by Brahma. These creatures feed on human energies and possess the human beings turning them insane. Pishacha is also the name to the most inferior types of marriage


In western culture, there is witch and in the Indian culture, there is a chudail. She is a creature who sucks the blood of her victims obviously men. Some people believe that they have feet turned backwards. It is also believed that if a woman dies during childbirth or pregnancy because of negligence then she turns into Chudail.


A daayan is an uglier version of Chudail. She eats the flesh of her victims along with sucking their blood. “Ek Thi Daayan” is a film based on Daayans. She also has reversible feet syndrome and is said to have her powers in her braid.

Preta and Pretni

The male preta are the ones who commit suicide in their lives and Pretni is an unfortunate woman who dies without getting married. Preta and Pretni originated in Bengal and their tales have carried them everywhere in India. They have gained a special respect in their spirit breed. They are believed to do all the evil you can ever think of. Pretni also has this reverse feet syndrome which makes her similar to Daayan and Chudail.


A Brahmin who does evil deeds in his life becomes a brahmarakshas. They are also known to be the brutal killers of the ghost world. There are many South Indian temples having idols which are worshipped by people.

Jinn or Genie

Jinn or Genie could be good or bad but aren’t funny. They are depicted in the Aladdin series.

Rakshasa – Lord of all evil.

Rakshasas are the commanders in chief of all evil spirits and are very deeply connected to the spirit world. They do the vilest of acts and are also the worst demons. They kill and their only aim is to kill whether it is for good or bad. You must keep in mind that this race is the king of the spirit world. Some people worship Rakshasa so as to complete their desires but paying a cost. Kala Rakshasa is a renowned Rakshasa.

Nishi – The time-table worker

It is a one of its kind ghost which only operates at night and hence it is named Nishi. It doesn’t work in broad daylight and calls its victim’s name twice at night. If the victim turns back then he is gone. In India, people don’t respond to their names until called more than twice.

Betaal – The wisest of them all

This is a cruel ghost which is the smartest in this spirit world. These are environment lovers and hence they love hanging on trees in upside down direction. Not everyone is able to answer the moral of the Betaal anecdotes. Who would risk his head?

The Irregulars

They are amongst the lowest in the spirit world and are also known as the stray ghosts. You can find them under bridges, abandoned palaces and forts. Basically, you can find them anywhere eerie. They are the minions of the empire. Some are funny while others are mischievous

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